TV’s “The Jeffersons” actor Sherman Hemsley Estate Dispute Settled

The Probate Judge of El Paso County, Texas has ordered a DNA test in the Estate of actor Sherman Hemsley after a before unknown relative stepped forward .  You may remember Mr. Hemsley from his role as George Jefferson in the TV shows “The Jeffersons”.

Hemsley’s Will named his manager Flora Enchinton Bernal as his sole beneficiary and Executor of the estate.  However, a dispute arose when a Philadelphia man, claiming to be Hemsley’s half-brother, filed in the Probate Court claiming to be the brother of the deceased actor.  Due to the dispute, Judge Patricia Chew ordered DNA testing to confirm the allegations.  The Order delayed the trial in the estate and Hemsley’s body had to kept frozen in an El Paso funeral home.  Because of this, the funeral was delayed for four months.  The issue has now been settled, as Chew ruled the original Will to be valid.  Hemsley relocated to El Paso later in his life, and has resided in the State of Texas for the last 20 years.

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