Estate Planning Needs Increase as Corona Virus Concerns Spike

The State of Texas has been battling the coronavirus pandemic since mid-March, 2020.  For most of that time, Texas has been very fortunate that the pandemic has not hit Texas as hard as some other place in the country.  However, the month of June seems to have brought about a turning point in the Texas fight against the coronavirus.  By all accounts, the rate of infection in the state has begun to spike, and experts are concerned with where the trend may take us.

The spike in cases, and the corresponding unknown effects on people’s lives has many scrambling to make sure that their affairs are in order.  Over the last couple of months of the pandemic, the attorneys at Ford + Bergner have seen that many clients find comfort in knowing that their estate planning is up to date.  For instance, we have seen an increase in clients wanting to update their Wills and also wanting to ensure that they have medical powers of attorney in place so that someone can make medical decisions for them if something unexpected happens.  

If you are concerned about making sure that your estate planning is up to date in the current corona virus environment, please contact us.  We would be happy to help you!