F+B Serves Clients Through the Pandemic

As the United States has dealt with the coronavirus pandemic, most offices in Texas have been shut down for nearly 3 months.  Although much of the national attention has focused on the health crisis, the day to day business of many people’s lives has not stopped.  This has been true for many Ford + Bergner clients who have needed to press forward in addressing their legal needs during these difficult times.  In some cases, clients have found themselves motivated by the health concerns to complete their estate planning simply out of concern for what the health crisis could bring.

Like many businesses, F+B has continued to operate remotely, rather than working in our offices.  While this has allowed us to continue providing services to our clients, it has forced us to provide those services in a little bit different manner than normal.

For instance, because we have not been able to have clients into our offices, those clients who wish to execute their estate planning documents are having to do so remotely.  In many of those instances, we have sent mobile notaries to clients’ homes so that the clients and the notary, along with neighbors serving as witnesses, can execute the Wills, powers of attorney, and other estate planning documents without having to wait for our offices to re-open.

Likewise, hearings in the courts to admit Wills into probate have all been conducted by video conference.  While it feels odd for attorneys and clients alike to appear in court on a video, the remote video hearings have allowed us to continue pushing clients’ cases forward without having to take everyone to the courthouse.  For clients who live out of town, the video hearings have been an easy way for those clients to appear in court without having to travel from their homes to do so.

F+B has always attempted to meet our clients’ needs any way that we can.  Even during the pandemic, we have been excited to modify our normal methods of providing service to adapt to the changing environment.  While we remain uncertain as to how the legal marketplace will continue to change in the coming months, Ford + Bergner LLP is committed to continuing to adapt so we can provide clients with great service.

If you find yourself needing an attorney with whom you can work effectively while working remotely, please contact us.  We will be happy to assist in meeting your needs.