Appellate Practice Launches With A Decisive Win

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Ford+Bergner LLP has recently launched the firm’s Appellate Practice with a decisive win before the Tyler Court of Appeals in a case that was hotly contested. As previously reported in our Latest News column, Ford+Bergner represented clients in the appeal of a guardianship case in East Texas. In re: Peggy Fowler Redding was decided by the Tyler Court of Appeals in April 2007, and the Court ruled in our favor on every single point raised in the appeal.

As a result of the successful appeal, the case was completely overturned and returned to the trial court to be started over from the beginning, as if the case had never been pursued before. Months after the decision of the Court of Appeals, the parties settled the case in the distinct favor of the Ford+Bergner clients.

Due to the overwhelming success of the Redding case, Ford+Bergner is now offering its services in probate, guardianship, and trust cases where one of the parties to the case intends to appeal the decision of the trial court. These proceedings may involve direct appeals, Writs of Mandamus, or other appellate avenues as may be appropriate to the case.

For more information about our Appellate Practice, please review the Practice Areas section of our website.

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