Don D. Ford III Appointed to Texas Guardianship Certification Board

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AUSTIN – The Texas Supreme Court has recently announced its appointees to the newly-created Guardianship Certification Board. Houston attorney Don D. Ford III received one of the 11 appointments to the new state-wide Board charged with establishing and enforcing new criteria for persons or institutions serving as private professional guardians of individuals, which primarily affects incapacitated elderly individuals.

The Guardianship Certification Board was recently created by the Legislature and will be comprised of a total of 15 members, 11 of whom have been appointed by the Texas Supreme Court and the remaining 4 of whom will be appointed at the recommendation of the Governor. Members are appointed to staggered 6-year terms, and they will be given the responsibility of working with various agencies around the state to develop new criteria for private, professional guardianship programs around Texas.

Ford is the managing partner and one of the founding members of Ford+Bergner LLP, a boutique law firm which practices exclusively in the areas of Estate Planning, Probate, and Guardianships. The firm opened its Houston office in 1999 and has recently announced the opening of its Dallas office. Since its inception, Ford+Bergner LLP has been one of a very small number of law firms in Texas whose practice was specifically limited to Estate Planning, Probate, and Guardianships, and with the opening of its Dallas office, it has become the only such firm in Texas with offices in two major cities.

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