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F+B litigators Christopher B. Heald and Don D. Ford III have just returned a win in a tough contested probate case in Beaumont, Texas.  Most notably, however, is that the lawsuit was originally filed in 2004, but F+B was not hired until February 2012.  We were hired on a Monday morning for a trial set to begin 2 days later.  At issue in the case were several transfers of assets made prior to the Decedent’s death as well as demands for rents derived from those properties.

After being hired, the F+B litigation team quickly determined that the Court where the case was set to be heard did not have jurisdiction to hear contested probate matters.  After successfully getting the case transferred to an appropriate court, the case was re-set for trial in late June.  In the intervening 3 months, we dissected all of the issues that had been pending for nearly 8 years, and we developed a strategy for winning the trial.

With Heald leading the charge in the trial, F+B managed to preclude the opposing counsel from being able to admit any documents into evidence during the pendency of the trial.  Likewise, Heald managed to get the opposing party to admit that many of their claims were not properly brought.

If you have a contested estate, trust, or guardianship matter for which you need an experienced team of attorneys to litigate on your behalf, please do not hesitate to contact Ford + Bergner LLP.

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