F+B Dallas Office Wins Trial Victory in Probate Case

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F+M Attorney Brian Thomas recently won a decisive victory in a contested probate case in Dallas County. On behalf of his client, Mr. Thomas offered the Last Will and Testament of the client’s mother for probate. When he did, the client’s sister contested the Will on the basis that she was cut out of the Will completely. During the months leading up to the trial, Mr. Thomas elicited all of the proper witnesses to testify in his client’s behalf, and he likewise forced the client’s sister to admit that her relationship with her mother had been extremely strained and contentious.

In spite of the poor relationship with her mother, the client’s sister insisted that she was entitled to receive a share of her mother’s estate. At trial, Mr. Thomas called the witnesses to the Will along with the attorney who drafted the Will. All of these witnesses provided solid testimony as to the fact that the Decedent had made her decisions on her own volition and that she had intended the very result that was reflected in her Will (i.e. that her daughter not inherit from her).

After a lengthy trial, the Court issued a Judgment finding in favor of our client, which had the effect of transferring the entire estate to the client.

Congratulations to Mr. Thomas on a well-prepared effort at trial and to the client for having prevailed in this case.

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