F+B Partner Interviewed by Dallas TV Station

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F+B Partner Don Ford was interviewed recently as part of an investigative report series being run by Fox News 4 in Dallas. The series focuses on husband and wife Jean and Michael Kidd, who have been placed under a guardianship by the Probate Court in Collin County, north of Dallas. Allegations in the case indicate that the Kidds were not given an adequate opportunity to object to the guardianship, and that they have been placed in a run-down nursing home against their Will. Additionally, it appears from news reports that the guardian appointed by the Court has failed to pay the Kidd’s mortgage and has let their house fall into foreclosure.

Ford was interviewed as an expert in guardianship litigation cases and was asked to provide insight and information into some of the issues involved in this case. Ford discussed the requirements for a non-lawyer to be certified prior to being appointed as a guardian, and he also discussed the concept that a court should not strip away someone’s rights without considering less restrictive alternatives.

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