F+B Sends Opposing Counsel Running in Contested Guardianship

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Ford + Bergner LLP was recently hired to represent a client in a contested guardianship case in Collin County.  In the case, the client’s ex-husband filed for guardianship of their adult child.  The ex-husband, an attorney who was representing himself in the case, had obtained orders from the Court with improper evidence and without proper notice to all of the parties in the case.

As soon as F+B was hired in the case, we filed Motions to set aside the guardianship and all of the Court’s prior Orders in the case.  After a contested hearing on the issues, the Court agreed and set aside its prior Orders.  The Court further Ordered the ex-husband lawyer to complete certain steps before the Court would even reconsider any of his filings.  Despite his aggressive representations that he would prosecute his case to the end, the ex-husband completely abandoned and withdrew his case a couple weeks after the Court set aside its rulings.

F+B’s client was opposed to having a guardianship for her son.  As a result of F+B’s aggressive, knowledgeable representation, our client received a spectacular result because the case was cut very short, and she achieved the complete result that she sought.

Contested guardianship litigation requires experienced, knowledgeable representation by attorneys who know the specific, technical requirements of the Estates Code for properly obtaining a guardianship.  If you are engaged in guardianship litigation, please contact us to see how we might help you.

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