Probate Judge Cites F+B Blog as a Valuable Resource

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Ford+Bergner is honored to have recently been acknowledged by San Antonio Probate Judge Tom Rickhoff as providing a value resource for probate and guardianship information through its blog.  Ford+Bergner frequently updates its Texas Probate & Guardianship Blog, which features regular articles, observations, and answers to frequently asked questions in the arena of probate and guardianship cases.

Like Ford+Bergner, Judge Rickhoff operates and regularly updates a blog (, where he provides information and his observations about probate and guardianship issues.  He draws on his experiences as a sitting Probate Judge in San Antonio, and he attempts to answer some of the myths regarding probate and guardianship cases.  He also attempts to provide resources to assist citizens in finding answers to their probate and guardianship questions.

In his September 29, 2009, blog post, Judge Rickhoff cites several blogs that he has found helpful.  At the top of his list is F+B Probate & Guardianship blog.  We are glad to know that Judge Rickhoff has found value in the information that we provide, and we would encourage you to visit Judge Rickhoff’s blog to find additional information regarding these issues.

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