Have You Added Estate Planning To Your Summer To-Do List?

If you are like many people around the world, you are enjoying your summer break. Whether you are someone who uses this break to do some serious house cleaning or if you just hope to do enough cleaning to get rid of some of the things you accumulated over the spring, you are no doubt evaluating what all you need to accomplish this summer. 

The list of things on your summer to-do list may be long, but we hope there is room to add one more thing to that list. While you may not want to think about something as daunting as estate planning (the process of setting up your Wills, powers of attorney, etc.), the summer is a great time to create your estate plan. At Ford+Bergner LLP, we will ask you the right questions to find out who you will trust to act in your place, how much assets you have, and how you want those assets to be distributed after your death.

We will walk you through all the options you have and create the perfect plan that will achieve all of your goals. We will meet with you to gather important information and discuss some of the main topics you should know about in regards to the power of attorney, a Will, trust, advance directive, and more. 

We will spend time with you to review the documents you will need to sign and execute those documents accordingly. You will not have to spend your entire summer completing an estate plan, and this means you will have plenty of time to enjoy your summer vacation. Before you head out of time for a memorable summer vacation, we encourage you to review your estate plan to make sure you have planned for any risks that may be ahead. Your wills and trusts should be carefully reviewed and updated so your wishes can be reflected.

We are ready to help you implement an estate plan that will achieve all the goals you have set. If you are ready to speak to someone who can help you with your estate planning, please do not hesitate to contact us today.