Litigating Complicated Estates, Trusts, and Guardianships in Small Counties

In more than 20 years in practice, Ford + Bergner LLP has litigated a significant number of estate, trust, and guardianship cases in smaller counties.  While the 10 largest counties in Texas have specialty judges who focus exclusively on estate, trust, and guardianship cases, the vast majority of the remaining 244 counties in the state have judges who do not have significant experience with these issues.  In a substantial number of counties, these cases are heard by the county court, and in many of those courts, the judge is not even an attorney!

Even in counties where the judge hearing probate, trust, and guardianship cases is an attorney, many of those judges have very little experience with these cases.  In many cases, those judges never handled probate or guardianship cases when they were practicing attorneys.

Because we have offices in Houston, Dallas, and Austin, F+B is often retained to represent clients in a variety of counties.  In those counties with judges who lack significant experience in these areas, F+B attorneys are often expected to educate the judges as a part of handling the case.  Through thorough research and well-written briefs, the attorneys at F+B provide judges with a roadmap of the law that controls the cases. 

Additionally, in many counties, F+B is retained to help clients involved in contested cases who are fighting parties on the other side of a case who may be represented by a local, small town lawyer who does not know much about estates, trusts, and guardianships. 

If you are involved in a hotly contested case in a smaller county and need attorneys who bring well-researched work to help win the case, please contact the attorneys at Ford + Bergner LLP.